The best advice Donald Trump could get to improve his credibility; 10 “simple” actions

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Perhaps Ivanka is the best person to get him to accept and act on this advice. But would he? Should he? Could he?

Some would say one’s personal credibility is everything, and every time the President strays from the teleprompter, his credibility takes a hit. Of course, it‘s also happened when he’s reading from it … and whenever Sean or Kellyanne try to defend him … or he recommends incompetents for Cabinet posts … and when he …sorry, I digress. Forget about trying to act more Presidential (yes, it would be easy if he wanted to). But in order for him to be more credible and, more importantly, undermine the arguments of those who continually question his facts and his motives, he should immediately execute the following 10-point plan. (OK Ivanka, you’re on.)

  1. Dispose of all personal assets that may create or even give the impression of a conflict of interest and put the remaining assets in a blind trust — thus alleviating any concerns that you will enrich yourself or our family during your presidency. (The boys are smart and can find something else to do.)
  2. Reaffirm your support for the intelligence agencies working in concert to fully investigate the possibility of any ties between you, our family or your campaign and Putin, Russia, or extensions thereof. (Anyway, Secretary Sessions has your back.)
  3. Be the adult in the room including, but not limited to, keeping your ego and thin-skin in check so you can better respond to the concerns of others. Demonstrate a sincere attempt to understand, and then offer a thoughtful, intelligent response. (You could use a teleprompter for the intelligent response.)
  4. Don’t surround yourself with conspiracy theorists, or at least, don’t put them in positions of power, especially in deference to those with more experience, objectivity, and the ability to foresee unintended consequences. (I know that may lead to a few more departures.)
  5. Reinforce through your actions an appreciation for, and defense of, the 1st Amendment and the right to dissent. If you choose to respond (and please think twice if the celebrity is more popular than you), avoid calling anyone with an opposing view a derogatory name. (And stop ending tweets with “Sad!”)
  6. Don’t interfere with the obligation of patriots, including agency officials, to speak the truth (i.e. climate change, Russian intervention, etc.) even if it conflicts with your political agenda. Recognize sometimes there are no alternative facts — just fact-based truths. (By the way, “I heard it somewhere” screams “fact-checkers, have at it!”)
  7. Quit saying the mainstream media is “the enemy of the American people”. It doesn’t work for you accuse them of under-reporting terrorist attacks that never happened. And every question isn’t politically motivated or intended to be a gotcha. (Sometimes, even I could use an explanation of why you did what you did.)
  8. Don’t take credit for things that didn’t happen, that happened before you were elected, or that you didn’t personally cause to happen — you know, like job increases already announced. Even though your staunchest supporters want to believe you only tell the truth, they know the difference. (Well, at least Republican Senators and Congressmen probably do.)
  9. Instruct your spokespeople to only ever tell the truth, even when they’re challenged to interpret or defend an executive order or something offensive you’ve said or done. Have them always answer the questions asked because their credibility is your credibility. (Actually, this takes care of itself if you do the other 9 things.)

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