Jack, I believe Deb is not nagging you. When would she have the time, considering all the worthwhile and constructive projects she’s doing? My wife considers me a project, but years ago, she became more realistic about when that work would be completed.

Deb will be reading a goodnight story to our grand boys soon. Thanks for that!

Lastly, Juhi has a gratitude post on Facebook, and I was thinking about you two and my many Medium friends when I responded with this:

I’m grateful for the caring, giving people in my life — who live each day of their lives thinking outside themselves, who have an innate ability to recognize when others are in need, who respond automatically with “how can I help?” and who require nothing in return. These qualities are common to my longest friendships and my newest friendships — including the friend I married 50 years ago.

My wife and I are grateful our sons are among this special group, as are the women who became our daughters-in-law. We’re proud of all they have accomplished, but we’re especially proud they are good citizens of the world who covet their friends and are coveted by their friends. We believe we’re already seeing these qualities in their children. These people are our greatest accomplishment, and we’re all in love with each other!

Happy Easter!

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Engaged citizen, poet, musician, humorist, family man. I value irreverence, soulfulness, and a big heart. Offering insight, introspection, shock & aw shucks!

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