Hi Chris. You and I are absolutely aligned in our feelings about what’s happing in the Middle East. I’m distraught at Trump abandoning the Kurds and the resultant atrocities on our former allies. As has been exclaimed during other catastrophes, “Oh, the humanity.”

As I was taking a walk to try to calm myself, I was talking to a friend about this disaster before publishing. We agreed on the one hand, my satire might be badly timed, but on the other hand, showing our disdain for Trump via satire can’t be stopped — or he wins.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reach out and especially for commiserating with me on what could have been avoided if Trump’s foreign “policy” wasn’t Intended to benefit his handler, Vlad Putin.

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Engaged citizen, poet, musician, humorist, family man. I value irreverence, soulfulness, and a big heart. Offering insight, introspection, shock & aw shucks!

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