DS: First of all, thanks for a thoughtful and civil exchange. I will respond in kind and try to address the various points in your response:

  1. The “stickling parameter” I set forth — yes, I want to discuss the man because I submit it matters who he is, how he thinks, what motivates him, and whose interest he serves. This man proudly states he’s his own best counsel, he’s the ultimate strategist, no one speaks for him, and he makes his own decisions. By withholding his tax returns and choosing to not divest himself from his financial interests, he has left plenty of room to question whether he watching out for you and me, or himself and his family. As the Bible teaches us, the motivation of the false prophet Is money. Your thoughts, please.
  2. Trust is a big issue with me, and Trump’s lack of transparency is a problem he could address if he chose to. Since this issue is hampering his ability to drive his legislative agenda (and he knows it is), it follows that sharing what has yet-to-be shared would be too damaging for him to do so. I don’t know how much research you’ve done on the man, but the fact that he (and his kids) have been caught, sued and settled many business fraud cases is a huge red flag (Remember, “I don’t settle!”) Couple that with a personal and business history that includes no examples of serving the public good but many examples of trampling on those less fortunate, and “Houston, we have a problem.” Your thoughts, please.
  3. I asked you to personally comment on “how you’ve rationalized Mr.Trump’s non-Christian behavior.” Remember I represent me, and you represent you — neither of represent all Christians. The statistics you provided were interesting, but I like to point out: Statistically-speaking, the land mass of the earth is below sea level, but since neither of us is treading water, statistics can be meaningless. You quoted some scriptures that were similarly general, but you avoided talking about the specific behaviors I noted and how you’ve been able to ignore those as a factor in your thinking. Neither of us can/should judge Trump as God will ultimately do, but we can (and are encouraged by our faith) to decide whether to follow. Your thoughts, please.
  4. Honesty: What about Trump’s use of alternate facts? (Note Jeremiah 7:8, But look, you are trusting in deceptive words that are worthless.) I should point out I use multiple sources of reporting to reach my own conclusions — not relying solely on sources deemed left or right, Trump-supporting or Trump-rejecting. As a result, I have a good sense for unfounded assertions, debunked conspiracy theories, debunked analyses, critical omissions of facts that would undermine a given position. Perhaps, you can simply tell me what your process is for filtering facts from alternate facts spoken/presented by Trump and his surrogates.
  5. Living a Moral Life: I’ve decided it’s not fair to ask you to defend Trump’s life of relative immorality. While I would contend this betrays his lack of character and values, you’ve already indicated you’ve discounted this issue as one that doesn’t differentiate Trump from others. However, you included “drain the swamp” in your recent comments; so I will ask you to give me your perspective on what Trump has and has not done. Besides the obvious ethical concerns surrounding Trump himself (emoluments, unknown financial ties, etc.) and those of his family members in the White House, I assume you’re aware he’s extended ethics waivers to many staffers and the lobbyists he now employs that (during the campaign) he said he wouldn’t allow in his administration. Again, your thoughts, please.

Thanks again for engaging!

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Engaged citizen, poet, musician, humorist, family man. I value irreverence, soulfulness, and a big heart. Offering insight, introspection, shock & aw shucks!

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