Allan, Trump may be smarter than you think because he knows when a person talks incoherently, it’s almost impossible for any person of modest intelligence to rebut an indiscernible position on whatever it was he was talking about. It’s also possible the transcription of Trump’s speech is not accurate because what he said doesn’t translate phonetically to Enlish. That said, let me take a shot at a rebuttal:

Having used New Clear does not qualify your relative as a great anything, although his skin might be acne-fee. Your argument is clearly MT because Dr. John is an American singer-songwriter, who is talented but looks terrible in jeans — sort of like your funky, way-too-small khakis. Your time at the Fartin’ School of France doesn’t qualify you as “one of the smartest people anywhere in the world” — but it explains how you “flame” that stinky creme brulee no one wants to eat. Enough of that crap about the “good student” (who won’t show his transcripts and lied about being #1 in his class), but your statement “bilked a fortune” rings true. You realize your credentials some day will include Prisoner #666, and using New Clear on your thin skin is not required to attract your cell mates — they won’t be looking at your face. You’ll be crying “uncle” for sure! By the way, those Persian rugs you bought from Manafort won’t be lining the bottom of your new Guantanamo home, but a swatch may be useful as a replacement for that dead squirrel. Also, all women are smarter than you, and if we didn’t count your male supporters, all men are smarter than you, too. That’s true now and will still be true 150 years from now. Lastly, we just got word Guantanamo is out because those clever Iranians have negotiated the rights to your incarceration. The context of the word “kill” was not clear in the contract with Iran, but at 2 AM last night, Senate Republicans passed the resoution anyway, saying it would be the deepest cut for a POTUS ever.

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Engaged citizen, poet, musician, humorist, family man. I value irreverence, soulfulness, and a big heart. Offering insight, introspection, shock & aw shucks!

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