Allan, I felt the need to validate your reporting with 3-year-old grandson, Joey. He said he thinks Trump has a nut loose. I told him the phrase is “a screw loose.” He corrected me — “No, he’s got a nut, maybe both nuts, loose, and his heads going to fall off.”

I said, “You’re just being silly, but it sounds like you’re not affected by Trump,” to which he replied, “I don’t believe anything his wanker says.” (He picked-up “wanker” during your European reporting but doesn’t know what it means.)

“So you won’t be needing any ice cream therapy?” Then, Joey started to cry saying, “He scares me, Grandpa — not as much as Stephen Miller — but he scares me. Can I have some ice cream?” And thus, the premise of your story was validated. Congratulations on the scoop!

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Engaged citizen, poet, musician, humorist, family man. I value irreverence, soulfulness, and a big heart. Offering insight, introspection, shock & aw shucks!

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