40 Things I Love

I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours

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I forgot to say, “I love plants!” (Photo by Jana Sabeth Schultz on Unsplash)

Happy for challenges, thank you to Dennett
Distract from Trump, Vlad and McConnell’s Senate
This exercise is like “counting blessings”
Now to have fun with my forty loved things

Yes, I love writing and leaving them laughing
Write with my clothes off so no photographing
I love responding to prompts with one line
Guess 40 things means more lines and more rhymes

I love all women, but one I did marry
Thought she’d be just the first, followed by Sherry
I still remember those words, “I’ll obey”
I would forget, except she gets her way

I’m a boomer who loves humor
Handy when she’s sad
I simply deliver my old pick-up lines
And pretty soon she’s unclad

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Photo by Lauren Kay on Unsplash

Getting up early before she’s awakened
She loves to sleep in if I’m not mistaken
Opposites harmonize, this our love song
‘less I say time for sex, she says I’m wrong

I love all seasons, she doesn’t like changes
I love surprises, she’ll kill who arranges
If I need points, I’ll pour wine by the pool
Did I say corkscrew’s my favorite tool?

I love massages ’cause spas are relaxing
Next time I’ll pass when they offer butt waxing
She loves deluxe back rubs, I’ve got the knack
I love deluxe means don’t start with her back

Bet you’re thinking, I love drinking
But my health’s not bad
For me Bloody Mary’s are all veg’tables
It’s alcohol and sal-ad

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Gotta get my veggies! (Family Photo)

I love to sing and I sang at Sam’s wedding
Loved being in Jeffs’ band, my keyboard shredding
Loved my careers in the tech industries
But wedding rockers have far more groupies

Want to make sure I’ve not left bad impression
Love being Grandpa, Dad, Brother, no question
Balancing patriarch with weird’s an art
Taught grandsons manners and its’ fun to fart

Also taught sons that strong men don’t hide crying
Hiding emotions is a form of lying
I love sad movies that cause me to weep
Like when Vin Diesel crashed his brand new Jeep

Pay it forward, what they ordered
Person next in line
I love my main job, it’s my simple life’s plan
To role-model a good man

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These people are 8 of the “40 things” I love the most! (Family Photo)

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OK — tagging 10 of my Medium friends to keep the love flowing. Please, dear friends, share the 40 things you love and then invite others to join the 40 Things I Love journey:

Meg, Jk Mansi, Heath ዟ, Mary Holden, Indira Reddy, Elizabeth Helmich, Pamela Fender, kurt gasbarra, Steven Rouach, Gail Boenning

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Engaged citizen, poet, musician, humorist, family man. I value irreverence, soulfulness, and a big heart. Offering insight, introspection, shock & aw shucks!

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