100%, Allan. As Trump would have said, had words written by others that he doesn’t understand, violates in his every-day actions, and insults the intelligence of all thinking Americans (which doesn't include GOP lemmings and enablers), but actually did say as he left the hall … 100% the memo that my team worked on with Devin, which is full of conspiracy theories, cherry-picked alternative facts, and obfuscations (sorry, he wouldn’t know that word), only to undermine the witch hunt that is getting far too close, and needs to be headed-off before I have to interview with Mueller, where I will lie and perjure myself — 100% — will be released, even if my own FBI Director objects to the inaccuracies that my right-wing media entertainers, masquerading as journalists but are really part of my state-run communications network, have asserted as true.

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Engaged citizen, poet, musician, humorist, family man. I value irreverence, soulfulness, and a big heart. Offering insight, introspection, shock & aw shucks!

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